• Find great Maintainers for your Side Projects! (Django & Html & CSS)
  • Learn about electronics 101, Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects (Wordpress)
  • Get the IP of your current connection (Html & CSS)


  • Wizard: Angular.js & Django Scaffolding Tool (Python + Jinja2)
  • Dookio: Your own PasS with Heroku-ish deployment of Docker containers (Python)
  • Dookio-cli: Dookio tooltbelt with some interesting features as listing, starting, stopping and scaling applications (Go)
  • Parent.js: Javascript inheritance for a 5 years old (Js)
  • Endpoint: Smart testing framework for APIs (Python)
  • Raid: Simple HTTP's requests generator (Python)
  • Historian: Generate "Release Notes" in 5 seconds (Python)
  • Tisy: Fast Url shortener (Go)



  • Listio: This extension allows you to create lists of pages so you can manage them easily (Google Chrome Extension)