Computer Engineering Bachelor's Degree - Computer Science | UPO

2007 – 2011

Erasmus Program | Università Ca' Foscari di Venezia

2009 – 2010

Computer Engineering Master's Degree - Computer Science | UOC

2011 – 2013

Delivery Hero GmbH | Germany

Full-Stack Software Developer working on Python (Django) in the Backend and HTML/CSS & Javascript (Backbone.js & JQuery) in the Frontend. Core-developer of multiple platforms for different countries. Involved in the creation of new features and the optimization of the overall performance. Other responsibilities and roles were:

  • - Team lead of some critical projects
  • - "On call" developer
  • - Team member involved in the kickoff and successful implementation of time-constrained projects
  • - Part of a multidisciplinary Scrum development team working closely with the Product Owner
Jan, 2012 – Sep, 2013

Seerene GmbH | Germany

Full-Stack Software Developer working on Python (Django) in the Backend and HTML/CSS (Bootstrap and Angular Material) & Javascript (Angular.js) in the Frontend. Involved in developing experimental prototypes for the Product. Developer and maintainer of old and new features, shaping the platform since almost its beginning. Core-contributor to the platform's infrastructure automatization process. Other responsibilities and roles were:

  • - Application Reliability Coordinator of the main platform, monitoring the site availability from different regions
  • - Team member performing deployments on the cloud and setting up the labs infrastructure
  • - Part-time Scrum Master
  • - Team member involved in decisions about the architecture of the platform and its infrastructure
Sep, 2013 – Feb, 2017

Certified ScrumMaster (SCM) | Scrum Alliance

Dec, 2016

Krypton Investing | Germany

Backend-oriented role in a young FinTech Startup, working on Web Development with Python (Django) and concurrent systems with Python 3 Asyncio library and the Aiohttp Framework. Involved in the creation of a micro-services based architecture with Docker and Docker Swarm. Working alongside with the CTO in order to create an scalable and resilient system capable of responding to thousands of requests per second.

Feb, 2017 – Apr, 2017

incapptic Connect GmbH | Germany

Apr, 2017 – Current