11+ years of experience in different industries such as Finance, Mobile Apps Publishing, Vehicle Telematics and Esports. Strong background working on time-critical projects, creating high-throughput data pipelines, and leading development teams.

Well-versed in Python (Django & Flask), DevOps (AWS, Azure and Kubernetes) and JS frameworks such as React/Redux.

AWS certified AWS Solutions Architect Associate.

Microsoft certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert, Azure Developer Associate and DevOps Engineer Expert.


How can I help?

Frontend Development

Dynamic and reusable React components under the robust Redux framework.

Backend Development

Scalable web applications developed in Django or Flask, including hand-crafted APIs to interact with other services.

Microsoft Azure

Cloud Solutions

Effective IT solutions using Microsoft Azure or other cloud providers. From serverless applications to cloud messaging services.

Apache Kafka

Internet of Things (IoT)

High-throughput data pipelines to process massive amounts of messages sent by thousands of connected devices.


“Mr. Vidal came to work with us at a time when we were under a very heavy workload. We were building high-throughout data pipelines to process a high volume of Vehicle Telematics messages in real-time. His contributions, from the technical point of view, were very well received. It was obvious from the beginning that he was very experienced not only in Python but also in DevOps and Cloud Engineering in general. He had fantastic refactoring skills, emphasising readability, and simplicity.”

Bela Patkai, PhD

Former Technical Lead, Daimler Fleeboard Innovation Hub

“Mr. Vidal considerably helped us with our efforts to migrate our successful Desktop-based solution to a fully Web-based Application. He showed a high level of commitment and talent, implementing many improvements in both the platform code and deployment pipeline that ended up being extremely important and saved us numerous hours.  Mr. Vidal continuously displayed a problem-solving mentality during deadlines and high-pressure moments by always delivering top-quality work and well-thought solutions.”
Dr. Johannes Bohnet

Founder, Seerene

“Mr. Vidal Gonzalez integrated himself with high dedication and efficiency into his new work environment. Likewise, he always showed a high degree of initiative and motivation. He pursued successfully and sustainably the agreed targets. Working under high pressure of deadlines and targets comes naturally to Mr. Vidal Gonzalez. In addition, he had a comprehensive and detailed knowledge and established expertise”
Alejandro Castillo

Former Backend Chapter Lead, Delivery Hero AG

A few side projects I’ve built



Selected for the “Google Cloud for Startups Program”

We live in an age where computing power has become ubiquitous. Nowadays, most people have computers with a power that they don’t even grasp on a daily basis.

At the same time, many applications are composed by containerized micro-services that interact with each other in a very defined way. This combination is a perfect match in our eyes, and we believe it’s the ideal time to start using that wasted computing power so users can make some profit.

Technologies: Django & React

Link to the Project



Simplecoin is a “simple” (just 2 main files), yet quite “feature-complete” blockchain implementation in Python that tries to replicate other mainstream digital-coins for “learning purposes”. Some of its main features are:

  • Multi-node network resistant to outages of certain nodes.
  • Persistent blockchain and node’s state (one file per node)
  • Functional “Proof of Work” implementation with dynamic difficulty.
  • Intelligent “concensus” between nodes to detect and replace “corrupted/tampered blockchains”.
  • Integrity check of account’s balance before processing a transaction.

Technologies: Python3

Link to the Project



Sentimentio is a Jamstack web app that performs API-based Sentiment Analyses. Some of its main features are:

  • Blazingly fast static pre-rendered frontend using Next.js.
  • Auto-scalable API Endpoints based on Serverless functions.
  • Integration with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services.
  • Integration with Microsoft Azure Table Storage.

Technologies: Next.js & React.js & Node.js

Link to the Project



PokerInsights is a Poker statistics tool. Based on the cards in your hand, board and starting-hand range, it gives you real-time insights of your situation in every turn. Some of its main features are:

  • “Starting Hand” range saves.
  • “Flopped Cards” and “Dead Cards” filtering system.
  • Real-time Combos and Figures analyses.
  • “Made-Hand” and “Draw-Hand” Equity calculator.
  • “Made-Hand” and “Draw-Hand” expected value (EV) matrices.

Technologies: Django & React

Link to the Project


Battle For Castile

Battle for Castile is a multi-player fantasy card game based on a fictional universe set on the kingdom of Castile (Spain) during the 13th century.

It’s built on a micro-services infrastructure, fully scalable, and deployed on Kubernetes. Micro-services are connected using a “producer-consumer” approach by using Queues, which makes them highly resilient to sporadic peaks on the number of users playing.

Players use a CLI tool to play the cards, construct the combos, and fight each other. This CLI will be in charge of communicating with the infrastructure and display the updates to the interface.

Technologies: Python3 & Kubernetes

Link to the Project


A universal API for Cloud Storage providers. Currently supports:

  • Amazon AWS S3
  • Backlaze B2
  • Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
  • DigitalOcean Spaces
  • Rackspace Cloud Storage
  • Wasabi Object Storage

Use the same API to communicate with every Cloud provider.

Technologies: JavaScript (ES6)

Link to the Project

Articles I’ve written

In the present year, I got more than 15K unique visitors and 1K likes from my Articles in Medium. Some of them published in Top Publications such as:

🚀  The Startup (+400K Subscribers)

🚀  DailyJs (+89K Subscribers)

🚀  Codeburst (+64K Subscribers)


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