7+ years of experience in different industries such as Finance, Code Quality Management, and Mobile Apps Publishing. Strong background developing time-critical projects, maintaining widely-used websites and working with legacy-code. Heavily focused on communication and transparency.

Proficient in both Backend (Python, Django) and Frontend (ES6, React & Bootstrap) technologies. With extensive experience doing DevOps and Infrastructure automation (CI/CD, Scripting) for multiple companies.

Extremely excited about building products from great ideas!

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Frontend Development

Dynamic and reusable React components under the robust Redux framework. Single-Page applications with minimum loading times.

Backend Development

Scalable web applications developed in Django or Express.js, including beautifully crafted APIs to interact with other devices.


“Mr. Vidal considerably helped us with our efforts to migrate our successful Desktop-based solution to a fully Web-based Application. He showed a high level of commitment and talent, implementing many improvements in both the platform code and deployment pipeline that ended up being extremely important and saved us numerous hours.  Mr. Vidal continuously displayed a problem-solving mentality during deadlines and high-pressure moments by always delivering top-quality work and well-thought solutions.” Dr. Johannes Bohnet

Founder, Seerene

“Mr. Vidal Gonzalez integrated himself with high dedication and efficiency into his new work environment. Likewise, he always showed a high degree of initiative and motivation. He pursued successfully and sustainably the agreed targets. Working under high pressure of deadlines and targets comes naturally to Mr. Vidal Gonzalez. In addition, he had a comprehensive and detailed knowledge and established expertise” Alejandro Castillo

Backend Chapter Lead, Delivery Hero AG

Work Experience

incapptic Connect GmbH

Head of Engineering

Django & React.js

Seerene GmbH

Full-stack Developer

Django & Angular.js

Delivery Hero AG

Full-stack Developer

Django & Backbone.js

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What are the next steps?

1. We talk

After submitting the form, I’ll get back to you in 1 – 2 days. I’ll propose to arrange an online meeting where we discuss both the Project’s details and my availability at that time. If everything works out, we can define a starting date.

2. I work on the Project

After the “gathering requirements” and “setting up” phases, I start with the development. You can expect daily reports by the end of the day.

During this stage, I always keep a communication channel open in order to gather early feedback.

3. I deliver the code

When the development is completed, I deliver the results by using your preferred method: e.g., Git repository, Docker image, compressed file…

If a new feedback arises at this point, I address it and release an updated revision in the following days.

4. We stay in contact

After the project, I try to be as reachable as possible should you require new revisions of the product or clarifications about a certain feature. 

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